Our story

Hanno and Marie-Christine settled in Ariège in 2001, after having traveled with their donkeys through France and Spain.
In 1997, on May 1st, they left their home in Belgium to wander for 9 months accompanied by their daughters Laura and Cloé, aged 6 and 9, their faithful dog Babouchka, and their two pack donkeys, Etienne and Baptiste. They covered 3000 kms on foot, through the Ardennes, Burgundy, Auvergne, the Pyrenees, Navarro, Castilla, Bierzo and Galicia in the westernmost part of Spain.

Thus they discovered an extraordinary way to travel: to walk without the burden of a backpack, accompanied by an animal that was able to negotiate practically any trail, was adored by children and allowed them to meet many people.

This journey had a profound impact on the family: in 2000 they decided to repeat the experience by spending two months traveling through the French and Spanish Pyrenees. They followed the high mountain paths, attempting ever more difficult climbs as they gained confidence.

This is how they discovered Ariège and fell in love with the region. They decided to move there in 2001 with their children, cats, dogs and of course their donkeys.

And so they créated Panoram'ane to rent donkeys and share their experience with other families. Today Hanno continues to run the business, assisted by a young and dynamic team who will welcome you with the same passion for donkeys.