Our 2 to 9 day circuits

The circuits called “Spine of the Arize 3 to 6 days” and those of La belle verte (2 to 6 days) can be combined and done with B&B accommodations or camping.

The child price applies to children between 3 and 12 years old. Children under 3 are free.

An initiation walk is required for the afternoon before the day of departure if you have no experience walking with a donkey, so we can teach you how to handle him and therefore ensure a smooth journey. Hanno will introduce you to the donkey(s) and enthusiastically explain all the ins and outs of traveling with them. (cost: 50 € for the group). In the evening, over a meal prepared with vegetables from their garden, meat from local farms as well as vegetarian dishes, he'll tell you about his own experience traveling with donkeys. You'll spend the night either in one of our large teepees or in a yurt, all with a respect for the environment (dry toilets and solar-heated showers.)



A few examples of circuits with Bed and Breakfast accommodations


1 - Three-day stay at Panoram'âne: You spend each night in a teepee or a yurt on our land (with dry toilets and solar heated shower) and share our table (organic vegetables from our garden and other local products). .During the day you'll go on a circular walk with a donkey over ancient footpaths that pass through villages typical of the region (Aleu, Cominac) that offer beautiful views of the mountains and from where you'll discover the charming valleys of the Couserans. These circuits are accessible to those of any age, with altitudes varying between 600 and 1100m depending on the circuit.

Donkey hire for 3 days: 115 €
Full board in a teepee for 3 days: 120 € per adult, 90 € per child from 3 to 12 years old, free for children under 3.
Full board in a yurt for 3 days: 135 € per adult, 105 € per child from 3 to 12 years old, free for children under 3.
Initiation walk not obligatory.

2 - Circuit "Forks and Feet" (3 days)
This option is a moderate walk rather than a hike and is suited to lovers of fine cuisine.
When you arrive in the Arac River valley you’ll go along the south side of the Arize massif and stay a night with Martine at her home in the hamlet of Ardichen. The next day you’re received by Bitta and Olivier in their pretty house and at their table, whose reputation for good food is firmly established.

Estimate of price per person :
3 nights with full board, 125 € per adult and 95 € per child.
Donkey hire for 3 days : 115 € plus 15 € for a pair of saddle bags

3 - The spine of the Arize, short version (3 to 6 days)
Example of 4 days of the Arize:
The first stage is the same as for the circuit “Forks and Feet”, then you ascend to the ridge of the massif via the col d’Ayens (950m) and then redescend to the Buddhist centre “Terre Pure” for the second night of accommodations.
The third day you go back up to the ridge line (1300m, amazing view of the mountain chain) then redescend to the Mérens horse farm Cavalus. The next day you return to Panoram’âne.
The circuit is of average difficulty, elevation between 600 and 1400m.
At least 5 hours of walking per day except for the first day, 3.5
Accommodations in private homes
Donkey hire for 4 days: 150 €
Full-board: 165 € per adult and 125 € per child
Saddlebags : 20 €
Initiation walk: 50 €

4 - « La belle verte » Circuit (2 to 6 days)

.You want to renew your vision of Nature, unplug yourself from civilisation, discover other qualities, other harmonies!
Through the course of the stages and to the rhythm of these placid, willing donkeys, you'll be received by these families that have rejected consumerism, living in total nature, rustic yet serene.
This circuit is of little difficulty. Altitudes between 600 and 1600m.

Example of Belle verte 5 days:
The first stage is the same as the circuit of “Forks and Feet” (Bitta and Olivier). The second day you pass via the Col de Boulogne and the little village of Biert to ascend to the Mérens horse farm Cavalus. The third day you arrive at Caroline and Sahel’s place just below the col of Viele Morte where you’re received in a comfortable little house lost in the valley of Bernède.
Fourth day: after passing over the col (1100m) you redescend through the Garbet valley to reach the high pastures of the Plateau of Agéou where you are received by Pierre-Yves, a cowherd, and Sybille, a potter.
Fifth day: return to Panoram’âne via the village of Cominac, with its picturesque stone barns and rich history centered around bear trainers.

Donkey hire: 185 €
Full board accommodations : 210 € per adult, 160 € per child
Saddlebag hire: 25 €
Initiation walk: 50 €
Possibility of transport for the final day (6.5 hour walk) for all or halfway: 40 €

Example of High Mountain Circuit - 4 days

Altitude between 600 and 2000m
Day -1: Arrive at Panoram'âne for an initiation walk. You spend the night in our large teepees and have dinner with us.

Day 1: You spend the night at La Navée beneath the col de vieille Morte

Day 2: Cross the Garbet valley to reach the summer grazing pastures where you'll be received by the shepherd and his family on the plateau of Agéou.

Day 3: You reach the GR 10 hiking trail and spend the night in the gîte d'étape "La Colline Verte"

Day 4: Via the col de la serre du Cot, next to the high peaks of the Couserans, you reach Couflens where we come to pick you up.

It's possiblefor very fit walkers to go directly to the plateau d'Agéou and for others to go there by vehicle (therefore a 3-day circuit).
Price : Donkey hire: 150 €
Full-board: 120 € per adult and 90 € per child plus 1 night at "La coline verte" to be paid directly to the owners. (price depends on type of room(s) taken)
Saddlebag hire: 20 €
Initiation walk: 50 €
Transportation : 80 €

Camping circuits

These circuits are of medium difficulty. However, they do make certain demands on you because you'll be camping in tents outdoors. You must put up your tent and prepare your own meals after a day of walking. Some sites are not free because they are equipped with dry toilets and solar showers out of concern for the environment.
There are places along the route where you can buy food.
The feasibility of these circuits are dependent on the weather.

The spine of the Arize in 6 days
A lovely route combines the Spine of the Arize with a passage by the Etang de Lers (a mountain lake), returning via two cols: Dret and Viele Morte. Some demanding climbs require good fitness. This circuit takes 7 to 9 days depending on the route. Other options limited to the Arize can be done in 3 to 6 days. Contact us for details.

Price: Donkey hire 40 €/day (degressive prices until the 9th day).
Saddlebags hire: 5 €/pair/day, 25 € per week
Initiation walk: 50 €
Half-board accommodation the 1st day at Panoram’âne: 35 €/adult, 25 €/child

High mountain circuit of 3 or 4 days with transport
Altitude between 600 and 2000m
Circuit reserved for experienced hikers (preferably already having done one of our camping circuits).
7-day circuit via the Val d'Estours and the Arcouzan waterfall, the cabin at Aula and return to Panoram'âne via the Agéou chasm.
You can do this circuit in 4 nights of camping and 3 nights of full board accomodations at the camp site at Bouries farm or at the gîte d'étape at Rouze farm, at the gîte "La Colline Verte" and at the plateau de Agéou. Contact us for the price.

High mountain circuit with pack mule

We propose our "turbo" beast, the pretty mule Keyla, for climbing the mountains; experience with horses or donkeys and good level of fitness required!

She will lead you over the more rugged trails at a more sustained pace than a donkey, following the GR10 and the local paths.

The circuits proposed are the combination of the dorsal of the Arize and the high mountain circuit, with tent camping rough or the possibility of lodging in a B&B or a gîte d'étape with full board.

Rental of the mule: 50 € per day (she can carry up to 70 kilos)

For those with less time available, we can assure part of the trip by vehicle.