Rockclimbing, Canyoning, Spelunking, Adventure Park
in the Ariège Pyrenees

09200 Saint-Girons - Ariège-Pyrenees

Tel : (33) 05 61 96 08 22 or 05 61 66 85 73


Our team of professionals offers...


With more than 1800 equipped routes, Ariege is without a doubt a must-visit region for rockclimbing in France. We offer beginning rock climbing on instruction rock faces in the area around Saint Girons. For big routes, the sites at Sinsat, Dent d'Orlu and Bédeilhac will satisfy advanced climbers.
Rockclimbing is accessible to everyone. Whatever the level of ability, the natural or artificial sites provide much personal satisfaction by helping you to vanquish fears, master your body, gain confidence or test your limits.

Options : 1/2 day, full day, weekend, or 3-5 day course.
Period : March to November.


In these veritable natural waterparks the object is to descend into the bottom of deep gorges in which swirl torrents of turquoise water. It's an acrobatic, aquatic playland awaiting you : swimming, jumping into deep basins, sliding, rappelling down waterfalls... a whole programme!
If you love nature, water and thrills, canyoning is for you. The canyons closest to Toulouse are located in Ariège and they are perfectly adapted to initiation. We also propose, in spring or autumn, trips into Spain (canyon mascun, gorgas negras) and many others in Sierra de Guarra and Mont Perdu as well as in the Pyrénées Orientales (canyon du Llech).
Thrills and unforgettable landscapes guaranteed..

Options : 1/2 day, full day, weekend, 3-5 day course.
Period : May to October


If there's a region where the subterranean world has its place, it's certainly in Ariège. It's a fantastic playground where everyone can find an underground experience made to order.

For beginners we offer visits to easy caves; for the bolder there are narrow (tunnels) or vertical spelunking.

For those who like to push themselves, there is rappelling/abseiling (canyoners, climbers, alpinists, spelunking clubs...), thrills (squeezes, vertical passages, water passages...). The traverses are the most adapted (situated near the longest known subterranean network, the Félix Trombe-Henne Morte).

For a unique experience, there is bivouacking : to pass the night underground is to discover total blackness, the serenity of caves, the conviviality of bivouacking and above all, to feel what it's like to isolate yourself from the world and lose the notion of time.

Options : 1/2 day, full day, trial outing, vertical spelunking (initiation or perfection), traverses, bivouacs (2 days with 1 night underground).
Period :year round by reservation as long as weather conditions are acceptable...



ROC' AVENTURE - an adventure course along the cliff faces of Moulis

While many adventure parks are focused on treecliming, Roc'aventure is situated above the waterfalls of Aubert among its numerous cliffs. In this exceptional environment, we'll guide you on a dizzying trip up to 100m high. Awaiting you there are zip wires (including one 200m long), monkey bridges, numerous other bridges, abseiling, via ferrata and rock climbing.
The beauty and wildness of this site give this park its charm -- a unique spot!
Périod: year round depending on weather conditions
Led by a certified monitor

4 levels offered:
- The circuit "découverte" (1/2 day), accessible to anyone at least 9-10 years old. You must simply be agile and be at least 1m30 tall.
- The circuit "sensation" (1/2 day), accessible to anyone at least 9-10 years old. You must be agile, somewhat athletic and be at least 1m30 tall.
- The circuit "extrême" (1/2 day), accessible to anyone agile and very athletic. Must be at least 15 years old and 1h40 tall.
- The circuit "émotion" (full day), allows people who are less athletic to do the entire park circuit leisurely. Must be at least 12 years old, agile and somewhat athletic and 1m40 tall.