Gisèle et Jean-Pierre Casta
Illou de Las Costes
09140 Ercé
Ariège Pyrenees, France

La ferme du Mont Béas - randonnées équestres

Tél : (33) 05 61 66 80 92
Portable : 06 82 23 17 75
English spoken - Habla Español


Nestled in the heart of the mountains at 1070m elevation in the High Couserans, at the foot of Mont Béas,
our horse farm offers horseriding trips between 1 April and 31 October from two hours to several days
for both experienced riders and beginners.


GisèlePassionate about the mountains and horses, Gisèle Casta, a certified equestrian guide, will help you discover horses in a different way : As a traveling companion your horse becomes a friend for exploring the mountains

All of our outings have a theme.

chevaux de Mérens

rando sur les estives

You'll explore shepherds' paths, see many traditional stone barns, approach wildlife, wander the extensive mountain pastures, observe diverse plantes and wild flowers and admire the sumptuous vistas. We'll offer you an in-depth visit of the sites, with the complicity of our horses.

Our 8 horses are mostly local breeds. We have 3 Mérens horses, 1 Fjord, a Mérens Comptois, a Castillonnais Comtois and a Castillonnais Comptois Anglo-Arab. They are raised on the farm, staying together as a herd all year round, which gives them a calm, stable character. They are gentle and very sociable, plus they are sure-footed making them ideal companions for mountain outings and for all riders. They are equipped with English saddles and English trekking saddles. We can also bring saddle bags and all equipment useful for staying away for one or several days.

une grange typique du paysClothing to wear : jeans or riding trousers, hiking boots/shoes, rain jacket. A helmet is obligatory for all and is provided by the farm.

The riders help prepare the horses, then have a short ride around the farm so as to initiate the beginners or check the level of skill of the more experienced riders. This is also the occasion to explain safety measures and describe what the outing will be like.


2 hours = 40 €
Half day (3h) = 55 €
Full day = 96 € (includes picnic lunch)

Beginners : familiarisation with the horse, grooming, preparation, initiation into riding outdoors then promenade or trek according to the duration chosen.

Intermediate or advanced riders : preparing the horse, equipment for the trek, planning the trek, orientation, map reading then trek. The schedule can vary according to demand and especially according to the duration of the course.

Other activities on the farm: Bed and breakfast accommodation and sheep raising (direct sales of lamb possible)

* Rates dependent on form of accommodation chosen