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Spelunking (caving)

speleoAriège has a wealth of subterranean networks and caves, some of which are world renowned for their prehistoric artifacts (Niaux, Mas d'Azil, Bedeilhac, etc.)

There is even an government underground research laboratory at Moulis in the Couserans which is devoted to the study of the subterranean environment : biology, ecology, hydrogeology, climatology, seismology...

Speology today is accessible for everyone, combining sports, science and adventure thanks to professionals who can help you discover this world of darkness, silence and serenity.


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escaladeWith more than 1800 climbing routes, Ariège is without a doubt a must-visit region for rock climbers in France.

Professionals rock climbers of Ariège offer an introduction to the sport on artificial climbing walls or on large routes such as Sinsat, the Dent d'Orlu or Bedeilhac.

Whatever your level of experience, climbing on the natural or artificial sites can provide much personal satisfaction : conquering your fear, mastering your body, gaining confidence or testing your limits.


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canyonThe idea is to descend into canyons, gorges, cascades, rivers or streams alternating walking, swimming, climbing and abseiling with ropes, sliding and jumping.

It's become popular because it's fun and seems easy, but as it's practiced in a mountain environment, certain security measures must be observed.

Professional canyoning moniteurs can help you experience the thrills inherent in this sport by offering specialised equipment as well as their skills and knowledge of the environment.


Horizon Vertical offers canyoning courses all year round

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