Our riding horses are mostly Castillonnais,
a native Ariegeois breed,
born and raised on our own farm.
They are perfectly adapted to trekking in the mountains.

Our riding horses are mostly a native Ariegeois breed, the Castillonnais, from our own farm.

Our horses are mainly a local breed, native to this region of Ariège, the Castillonnais, which we raise on our farm. This rustic breed was in danger of disappearing in the 1980s, but after a census was conducted of the existing mares in 1991, about 30 Castillon horses were identified. Action was taken to safeguard the breed and in 1996 the the Castillonnais was officially recognised by the Ministry of Agriculture.

The Castillon horse, with its dark chestnut bay coat, superb black mane and large, full tail is also called the "Cheval du Biros" or the "St Gironnais". Thanks to its origins in the mountains it is perfectly adapted to riding on rough and steep terrain.

We regularly sell horses bred on our farm: colts, fillies, brood mares, geldings used to trekking. Contact us for more informatlion.