09400 Ussat-les-Bains
Ariège Pyrénées, France
Domaine Thermal d'Ussat-les-Bains Tél: (33) 05 61 02 20 20
Fax: (33) 05 61 05 10 60

Renowned for the antispasmodic, sedative, stabilising and remineralising effects of its waters, the thermal spa Ussat-les-Bains, ideally situated in the Ariège River valley, offers facilities for cures and getting back into shape that are fully integrated with accommodations. In a 10 hectare park of trees over a century old, the thermal domaine proposes accommodations in its Hotel du Park** and the Napoleon Tourism Residence**, perfectly equipped for relaxing sojourns with or without crenotherapy.

The thermal station Ussat-les-Bains is officially recognised for the treatment of psychosomatic illness linked to stress as well as certain neurological pathologies such as Parkinson's Disease. The action of its waters on the nervous system has allowed the development of short sojourns specially oriented to relaxation and stress relief.

Besides providing accommodations, the thermal domaine is an ideal site for the organisation of original and successful seminars.

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