Gascony cows

vache gasconneThe gascon breed of cows is well adapted to the terrain of our mountainous region and the rigours of the transhumance. Its character shows itself in various ways: tough, black hooves allow it to walk long distances, a grey coat and black muzzle provide resistance from exposure to the intense sun at high altitudes, good thermo tolerance allows it to adapt to wide variations of temperature, and it thrives on a diverse diet of wild plants and grasses.

A purebred gasconne is also a particularly productive mother. Her fertility, easy calving and longevity are the principal characteristics: she is capable of producing a calf every year over a long lifespan.

In addition, official tests have shown impressive results in fattening gascons for market. Its exceptional quality has been recognised by the French government in granting the meat the "label rouge"-- similar to "appelation controllée."

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